Attenborough Class

Year 3 & 4 - Mrs Jennings & Ms Martin

Welcome to Attenborough Class! We have named our class after the inspiring brothers Sir David Attenborough and Richard Attenborough.  Sir David is famous for his environmental television programmes: bringing nature into our living rooms and raising awareness of how fragile planet Earth is. Richard was an award winning film director and producer and an actor on stage and screen known for his roles in Jurassic Park and Miracle on 34th Street among many others! 

Our year 3 and 4 children enjoy learning about a range of topics in Attenborough Class including the Romans, Crime and Punishment, Brazil, Rivers, Plants and Animals and go out on educational visits to bring the topics to life. There are opportunities to participate in sports competitions with other schools and extra-curricular activities throughout the week too. Enjoy looking through the photos of the fun learning we do!  


This term, we have been learning about an artist called Laura Mckendry.

Laura Mckendry is a contemporary artist who uses bold marks to create decisive lines. She often sketches dogs using charcoal and likes the flexibility of using this medium. She takes her inspiration from nature, plants and insects. She often works on a large scale.

During this topic we learned that charcoal was one of the first drawing tools used by humans and it lends itself well to creating gestural lines. We had fun learning that drawing tools can be held in different ways to create different marks and various tones. We learned some types of drawing techniques, e.g. smudging and hatching.


Attenborough Class love learning through dance and we quite often use Supermovers at the start of our maths lessons to help us learn our timestables. Supermovers Times Table Collection

The Stone Ages

This term we have been enjoying learning all about The Stone Ages. We looked at how people survived during the Stone Age. We were especially fascinated by how life changed for them from being hunter-gatherers to farmers. We loved learning about Stone Henge too!


In Science we have been learning about nutrition and bones. We took our learning outside to investigate how the human skeleton supports movement. Some children measured the length of their femurs and then measured how far they could jump. We were quite surprised by the results! 


During PSHE lessons we show what we have learned about making good choices.