Austen Class

Year 2 & 3 - Miss Moore

Welcome to Austen Class - Jane Austen is an inspirational writer and his written many books that are timeless classics. In class we have begun reading a children’s version of Pride and Prejudice. We have chosen this book to read as our whole class read as it is arguably her most famous work and it also has links to Derbyshire. Reading and writing are some of the most important skills and we hope that through having an author as our class name that we can inspire these skills to develop. With so many great Jane Austen books who knows what we will read next …..

Autumn Term 2

In PE this half term we have been looking at basketball and developing our ball control skills. 

In English we looked at different types of poetry including shape poems and rhyming poems. This is a poem that we wrote as a class focusing on rhyme. 

Our Science topic for this half term has been everyday materials. We have looked at different types of materials and how we can use scientific language to describe them.

We conducted an experiment to see how we can change the shape of different materials by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching them

We made some amazing boat sculptures in D&T this half term. We looked at the British sculptor Hew Locke and took inspiration from his mixed media boats to create our own. 

Autumn Term 1

We have had a great first half term in Austen Class.

Our Year 3 children had the opportunity to go to the Brailsford Ploughing Match with the rest of Key Stage 2. This was a great trip out and allowed the children to see some of the different aspects of farming which is a great link to the area of Derbyshire we live in with many of our families coming from farming communities.

We have also had the opportunity to go to the forest for Forest School which gave the children a chance to explore and have fun outside of the classroom.

Our class trip to Crich Tramway Museum with Peake Class was an exciting day and we were able to see trams that link to our DT and History work. The children learnt about how trams have evolved over time with new advancements in engineering and how these modes of transport fit into history. 

We have also had some exciting music opportunities this half term. Mrs Robinson from Derby Cathedral has been coming in once a week to teach us some new songs to sing, develop our listening skills and expand our musical vocabulary. 

Our Year 3’s are also undertaking weekly flute lessons which are going brilliantly so far.